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I was quite happy when I came across this rubbish removal service. They are affordable, more so than any of the other companies I called, and their team got the waste removal done in a jiffy! I would hire these guys again.

My sister had asked me to recommend her a junk removal company that would efficiently handle her backyard junk. I had to ask several of my friends for recommendations. Out of the five, three of them suggested Rubbish Collection Company Dulwich. I arranged a visit to my sister's backyard. A day later, she called me, thanking me for sending the team there. She was happy.

I entrusted Rubbish Clearance Dulwich with a rubbish removal job. They completed the job at a brisk pace and charged me a fair price. I plan on telling my friends about them.

I was living in a rented property for a long time during the last year, and when it was coming up to the end of my tenancy I had a lot of things to sort out in order to keep my deposit. Waste Clearance Dulwich gave me an excellent end-of-tenancy rubbish removal, and got all kinds of bits and bobs out of the way, letting me deal with all the other details of my move. My landlord was very happy when he came round for a final inspection, and I certainly was too!

The rubbish stored away in my garage was becoming the cause of a bit of embarrassment so I called Waste Clearance Dulwich to give me a helping hand and help rectify the situation. The team were great, trustworthy and I was happy to leave them and let them get on with the waste removal work, which they finished on time and to a high standard.

Waste Clearance Dulwich did an excellent job at clearing out my house, and the mounds of junk they collected were disposed of immediately. I didn't want to have people coming and going for weeks - I wanted the job done quickly and this company definitely provided. My husband and I are both very happy with how efficient and polite this company is, and we're looking forward to having them clear our garden of waste as well!

The staff at Rubbish Removal Services Dulwich is very helpful and informative. They have undergone extensive training which reflects in their flawless service. Their experience in handling all kinds of junk comes in handy while providing quick service. The house clearance was completed without any hassle and I was able to relax while the experts toiled away. I have now developed a positive relationship with their staff and enjoy their service. Using their service is always a satisfying experience. I am looking forward to your next visit to my house!

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